Gantry CNC machine for insulated vans, trucks manufacturing, trade stalls and quickly erected buildings of sandwich panels. The machine allows for sawing panels automatically on a pre-arranged program. Currently uch equipment allows to produce up to 6 sets of wagon body panels in a shift.

During equipment operated by one operator. 

Main advantages of using this setting: 

  •  Reduce processing time panels; 
  •  Improving the quality of treatment panels; 
  •  Exception handling errors ( reducing the number of marriage); 
  •  Perform all processing operations panels at one workplace with little or no human intervention; 
  •  Ability to perform processing complex trajectory ( circle, oval, polyhedron, parabola) with high accuracy.
Technical characteristics
Processing sandwich panels no more 1600x2800x150mm
Saw cutting speed 12 m/min
Voltage 380 V
Electric drive power 5.5 kW
Length, width, height 3500x2500x1500mm
Weight 1500kg


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