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KAM FPS-6500 format panels saw is designed for 6500 mm SIP panel operating with ability to cut the 250mm height panels under the 45 degrees angle.

The maximum height of the panel to cut under 90 degrees angle is 300mm.

The machine FPS-6500 is equipped with: 

Technical characteristics
Panel dimensions 6500x3500
Maximum cutting height at 0 degree 350mm
Maximum cutting height at 45 degree 250mm
Saw blade diameter 900mm
Cutting width 8-10mm
Cutting accuracy ± 1 mm
Blade turning angle 0-45 degrees
Saw cutting speed 0-6m/min
Beams rotation angle accuracy ± 0,25º
Work pressure in the system 6-8bar
Electric drive power 20kW
Length, width, height 10000x5500x2500mm


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