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Movable press is equipped with:

- Specialized rotating polyamide wheels, that carry out the weight up to  800 kg on one wheel, keeping the smooth and easy moving around the facility;

- Receiver, that provides the ability to shut of the fulfilled and activated press out of general pneumatic system to move it around the shop to the pressing zone, where it could be connected to the general pressed air source again;

Door assembling way:

  • The stack of the MDF sheets is placing on the operating table of the adhesive applying machine. Panels are placed in the stack alternatively – face up/down;
  • After the sealant adhesive is applied on the top panel, it is taken out of the stack and placed inside the assembling press; 
  • Then, into the press workers put the frame with insulator upon the first MDF, special spacers are adjusting for each door type; 
  • During the frame and insulation placing, occurs the sealant adhesive applying on the next MDF sheet;
  • Further, MDF interior panel is flipped and stacked into the press, positioning on the spacer sleeves;
  • After filling the press the pressing frame is activating, the pressing force is 300* kg
  • * the exact characteristics of the press will be given after receipt of data about all doors kinds.


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KAM D-Sealant CNC application machine is designed for two component polyurethane sealant adhesive in the cycle of metal door manufacturing. The machine is equipped with CNC programmable system of the mix applying, according the X,Y,Z axis.

Machinery kit:

  • Operating desk with guides;
  • Portal type or consol type carriage, that moves along the guides according the predetermined program;
  • Adhesive applying unit that is equipped with high-pressure static mixer system;
  • Pumping stations for dosing and feeding of A and B components;
  • Control panel;
  • Static mixing cleaning device
Technical Characteristics
Adhesive system type 2-component PU sealant adhesive
Components viscosity, mPa*sec A – 300 000; B  500
Mixing system Static mixing
Applying zone, mm 2500x1250x100
Performance, g/min Up to 100
Applying rate, m/min 7,0
Quantity of programmable applying contours 10
Positioning accuracy, mm By length/width - 5.0
Power voltage, V/Hz 380/50
Consumption, kW 2,2
Pneumatic system pressure, Bar 6
Air consumption, l/min Up to 50


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DS-Press is designed for pressing of the metal door constructions. Pneumatic press with side loading zone, equipped with stationary platform. Metal frame is welded with special way, with high-quality metal.

The operating surfaces are covered with water resistant laminated plywood. 

Italian Camozzi pneumatic system is equipped. The number of pressing cylinders and pressing force is calculated according the max adhesive applying surface area.

The presses are equipped with the stack center alignment system of the panels.

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pu foam application machinery for the metal doors productionConveyor CNC Automatic polyurethane foam application machinery consist of: 

  • Table with guides and stops (can be for one or more products, stationary or conveyor);
  • Portal type carriage (or console) that moves along the guides according to a predetermined program;
  • Adhesive applicator with dynamic mixer;
  • Pumping stations for A and B components dosing;
  • Control panel.

Working table is design provides area with the capacity for cleaner drain after cleaning and purging the chamber of the mixing device. 

The working desk is equipped with angular stop tool for door elements fixing in the certain point under the mixing head providing the accurate positioning any kind of element and giving the ability to adjust the machinery from the zero point for all dimensions kinds. 


Also, machinery could be equipped with rollers or ball field to provide more easy manual way of doors feeding to the glue mixing applying zone and further. The balls of the ball field are coated with special plastic to avoid the door’s surface damage.

Portal or console type carriage provides the applying function of the polyurethane mixture on single or several details, which are placed on the working table surface:

  • Mixing unit automatic moving according the predetermined path with start/end sound indication;
  • Moving performance without applying;
  • Automatic moving of the mixing head to the cleaning dock;
  • Applying contour setup, with controller or with CNC rack for complex contours.

Composition of the mixing-applying machine

Mixing type dynamic
Number of components two
Productivity 2-20 g/sec
Cleaning tool with air purge +
Anti-drop tool +
Components valve drive pneumatic
Mixer drive electric