Movable press is equipped with:

- Specialized rotating polyamide wheels, that carry out the weight up to  800 kg on one wheel, keeping the smooth and easy moving around the facility;

- Receiver, that provides the ability to shut of the fulfilled and activated press out of general pneumatic system to move it around the shop to the pressing zone, where it could be connected to the general pressed air source again;

Door assembling way:

  • The stack of the MDF sheets is placing on the operating table of the adhesive applying machine. Panels are placed in the stack alternatively – face up/down;
  • After the sealant adhesive is applied on the top panel, it is taken out of the stack and placed inside the assembling press; 
  • Then, into the press workers put the frame with insulator upon the first MDF, special spacers are adjusting for each door type; 
  • During the frame and insulation placing, occurs the sealant adhesive applying on the next MDF sheet;
  • Further, MDF interior panel is flipped and stacked into the press, positioning on the spacer sleeves;
  • After filling the press the pressing frame is activating, the pressing force is 300* kg
  • * the exact characteristics of the press will be given after receipt of data about all doors kinds.


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