KAM FL-1002 line is designed for bonding fiber and elastic polyurethane foam boards for cleaning sponges production with using the hot melt reactive polyurethane adhesives.

Complete set of the line:

  1. Rewinding system;
  2. Glue applicator;
  3. Melting station;
  4. Conveyer for feeding of fiber to the glue application zone and to the zone of bonding of the fiber with polyurethane foam board;
  5. System for feeding of elastic polyurethane foam board;
  6. Roller press;
  7. Output table.

Technical characteristics
Width of glue application 1000 mm
Glue application rate 0-10 m/min
Fiber thickness 5-8 mm
FPU board thickness 20-70 mm
Fiber sheets size 1000х2000 mm+/-10
Fiber roll diameter 1000 mm+/-10
Power consumption 20 kW
Current 380/50 V/Hz +/-10%
Service staff 2-4 workers
Length, width, height 12000х1500х2000 mm
Weight 3000 kg


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