Manual type polyurethane adhesive applicatorMachinery set:

  1. Movable unit equipped with four specialized polyamide wheels;
  2. Buffer tank for component A with integrated pumping system;
  3. Buffer tank for component B with integrated pumping system;
  4. Control panel with digital controller;
  5. Set of specialized hosepipes;
  6. Applying tool equipped with static mixing system;
  7. Set of spreaders according to customer’s requirements.
  8. Cleaning unit for static mixer
  9. One plastic static mixer installed on the machine and one spare plastic mixer;
  10. Two adhesive spreaders (applicators) that have demountable design, consisting of metal housing and P.T.F.E. core.

Dosing pumping system:

Pump station is installed with high-precision dosing gear pumps, that dosing accurate quantity of adhesive leveling its viscosity difference. Two components mixing occur into a static mixer system, applying via special comb, which installed on a movable carriage. Carriage has an easy demountable design to perform a fast cleaning.

Types of the manual polyurethane adhesive applicatorsControl panel:

Software monitors and synchronizes dosing of components and measuring at the necessary level. The adhesive system components ratios are set according with technical data sheets. 

Control panel allows to:

  • set the ratio of components «A» and «B»;
  • adjust the amount of adhesive applying;
  • control the minimal level of adhesive components in the buffer tanks.

Technical characteristics
The type of adhesive 2 component PU
The viscosity, mPs:
Component  A up to 35 000
Component  B up to 1 000
Mixture up to  27 000
Mixing ratio by volume (A:B) 3:1-5:1
Output productivity, litres/min  2
Width of gluing bar, mm 500
Step of glue beads, mm 7
Hosepipes length, mm 8000
Main tanks with glue, l (Components  A|B) 200|200
Buffer tanks with glue, l (Components  A|B) 35|15
 Pneumatic system required pressure, bar  6-8
Electricity: Voltage, V/Frequency, Hz 380/50
Power consumption, kW up to 3
Weight (without adhesive), kg 200
Overall dimensions, mm (LxWxH) 1800x1200x1600


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