pu foam application machinery for the metal doors productionConveyor CNC Automatic polyurethane foam application machinery consist of: 

  • Table with guides and stops (can be for one or more products, stationary or conveyor);
  • Portal type carriage (or console) that moves along the guides according to a predetermined program;
  • Adhesive applicator with dynamic mixer;
  • Pumping stations for A and B components dosing;
  • Control panel.

Working table is design provides area with the capacity for cleaner drain after cleaning and purging the chamber of the mixing device. 

The working desk is equipped with angular stop tool for door elements fixing in the certain point under the mixing head providing the accurate positioning any kind of element and giving the ability to adjust the machinery from the zero point for all dimensions kinds. 


Also, machinery could be equipped with rollers or ball field to provide more easy manual way of doors feeding to the glue mixing applying zone and further. The balls of the ball field are coated with special plastic to avoid the door’s surface damage.

Portal or console type carriage provides the applying function of the polyurethane mixture on single or several details, which are placed on the working table surface:

  • Mixing unit automatic moving according the predetermined path with start/end sound indication;
  • Moving performance without applying;
  • Automatic moving of the mixing head to the cleaning dock;
  • Applying contour setup, with controller or with CNC rack for complex contours.

Composition of the mixing-applying machine

Mixing type dynamic
Number of components two
Productivity 2-20 g/sec
Cleaning tool with air purge +
Anti-drop tool +
Components valve drive pneumatic
Mixer drive electric