KAM VAN-Portal  Glue Applicator designed for applying of two-component polyurethane adhesives on the bonding substrates, for example in production of refrigerator trucks panels.

Complete set of production machine: 

  1. Portal type movable platform; 
  2. Glue tanks; 
  3. Glue applicator KAM-PRO series: 
  4. Pump station with buffer tanks; 
  5. Control panel.

Blending of the glue components performs into a static mixer, and applying of the mixed glue performs by flowing through the special designed comb, placed on a movable carriage. Carriage has an easily demountable construction, allowing it fast cleaning.

Technical characteristics
Adhesive application areas 2 rows by 3000*
Productivity, m2 /min 6-8
Positioning accuracy (mm) length – 10,0/width – 5,0/high – 10,0
The height of the workpiece, mm 0-250
Bar width, mm 500
Adhesive consumption, g/m2 100–800
The viscosity of the glue, the mPs Up 30 000
Heated glue Yes
Automatic fault diagnostic Yes
The open shutter time control Yes
Staff 1
Major tanks with glue, l component А – 200/component B – 1000
Buffer capasity with glue, l component А – 20/component B – 50
Length, width, high 5000*2000*2500
El. capacity , kW up to 12
Weight, kg up to 2500


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