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Glue applicator designed for applying two-component polyurethane adhesives on the bonding substrates, for example in production of refrigerator trucks. KAM VAN-Console is able to serve several vacuum presses with width up to 3m and length, limited by technical requirements of the customers. The applicator installed on the rotary console, turning at the angle rate 0-180°, allowing to apply the glue on the materials located on the presses from the both sides of the applicator.

Applicator provides accuracy glue mixing, uniformity applying of adhesives, reducing of glue consumption, minifying dependence from the human factor.

Technical characteristics
Adhesive application areas 2 rows by 3000*
Productivity, m2 /min 6-8
Positioning accuracy (mm) length – 10,0/width – 5,0/high – 10,0
The height of the workpiece, mm 0-250
Bar width, mm 500
Adhesive consumption, g/m2 100–800
The viscosity of the glue, the mPs Up 30 000
Heated glue Yes
Automatic fault diagnostic Yes
The open shutter time control Yes
Staff 1
Major tanks with glue, l component А – 200/component B – 1000
Buffer capasity with glue, l component А – 20/component B – 50
Length, width, high 5000*2000*2500
El. capacity , kW up to 12
Weight, kg up to 2500


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