Machine designed for single component polyurethane adhesive application on the substrates in parquet production cycle.

System is equipped with adhesive nozzles automatic shutter during downtime of the machine or the electrical power shutdown. This system prevents the reaction of adhesive inside the adhesive nozzles.

Equipped with pneumatically driven double-sided acting valve. Construction of the crane allows operating in manual or automatic modes without current maintenance of the machine.

Machine consist of:

  1. Feeding conveyor;
  2. Receiving conveyor;
  3. Stationary application unit with automatic
  4. length detection system;
  5. Control panel.

Technical characteristics
Length, width, height 4000x1000x1500 mm
Power consumption 2 kW
Glue consumption 0-250 g/m2
Feeding mode non stop/step by step
Glue application width 250 mm
Lamele feeding speed 5-15 m/min
Voltage 380 V
Weight 500 kg


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