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Machine is designed for applying one-component polyurethane adhesive on the surface of the substrates in the production of gluelam and supporting beams. 

Machine equipped with modern intellectual feeding system, which is able to position and transport the beam according to the process conditions.Defects in the geometrical dimensions of lamellas leveled by the feeding system.

The system does not need and additional drive roller conveyors before and after, can be installed with any passive roller conveyors.

Transport system is produced according lamina application principle, with a start/stop per lamella.

KAM Beam Pro machine offers two modes of operation automatic and manual. 


Technical characteristics
Adhesive system type PU
Beams size (6000-12000)х(120-220)х(35-150)*
Glue application speed 0-50 m/min
Glue consumption 0-200 g/m2
Work pressure 8,0 ± 0,2 kg/cm2
Compressed air consumption 1 m3/our
Total motor power 2kW
Voltage 380V
Staff 2 workers
Length, width, height 1300х850х1700 mm
Weight 250 kg
*size may vary according to customer


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