KAM Optima-Duo Glue Application Machine is designed for high-speed application, precisely metered amount of two component adhesive to bond substrates in the production of sandwich panels. 

Movable glue applicator is located on a fixed platform where the bonding materials are loaded on. The pump station is equipped with high-precision metering pumps, which meter precisely defined amount of the blend components of the two-component adhesive system.

Complete set of production line:

  1. Fixed platform with movable glue applicator;
  2. Glue tanks;
  3. Pump station with buffer tanks;
  4. Control panel.
Technical characteristics:
Length, width, height 4500 * 1500 * 2000mm
Power consumption shouldn’t exceed 7kW
Weight 1500 kg (without components)
Glue application zone  3000 * 1500 mm
Capacity 10m2 per min
Glue consumption 0-400 g/m2 (according to adhesives characteristics)
Voltage 380V
Accuracy of position  ± 5mm
*size may vary according to customer


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