KAM Advance PVC, SIP sandwich panels production line is designed for application in automatic mode, dosed precisely one-component polyurethane adhesive on the substrate.

The line is developed for bonding OSB plates, PVC sheets, metal sheets, magnesium plates and other materials with different types of insulation materials such as EPS, XPS, mineral wool boards etc. 

The line consists of: 

  1. Stationary frame of glue applicator KAM-Pro series, equipped with electric drive motor for lifting up and down of the applicator depends from the quantity of materials, placed on the carriage;
  2. Transmission type stationary pneumatic press completed with one or two movable platforms with bonding materials, which moves on the rails under the glue applicator.

Technical characteristics
Adhesive system type 1K PU
Panels size 2000x3000 mm*
Application speed 10-15 m/min
Glue consumption 0-250 g/m2
Open time value control equipped
Glue nozzles automatic shutter system equipped
Fault diagnosis equipped
Staff 2 workers
Length, width, height 3500x2000x1500mm
*size may vary according to customer


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