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KAM Optima SPL designed as stationary unit with possibility to be equipped with motorized platform and installed on the rails. If the floor in the shop is smooth enough, machine can be installed on the polyamide wheels too (run of the machine on the rails is more accurate).

Production line consost of:

KAM Optima SPL Technical characteristics
Panels size up 1000x2500 to 2000x3000*
Kind of glue one-component PU
Application speed 10-15 m/min
Glue consumption 0-250 g/m2
Open time value control equipped
Glue nozzles automatic shutter system equipped
Fault diagnosis equipped
Compressed air pressure 6-8 bar
Voltage 380 V
Power consumption 3,5 kW
Staff 2 workers
Length, width, height 3500x2000x1500 mm
*size may vary according to customer


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