KAM-1L-6/8 Semi Automatic Conveyor is a production line with 6(8) pallet-style presses

Available configuration:  2 lines KAM-1L-6(8)

Technical Characteristics
Panels size:
Length, mm 2500-3000
Width, mm 1000-1250
Thickness,mm 50-300
Covers boards OSB, MgO, PVC
Insulation sheets EPS, XPS, SPS, PPU
Output productivity, panels/hour (for panels 120mm) 50-60
Adhesive system Single-component PU
Glue consumption, g/m2 70-150
Voltage, V 380
Power consumption, kW 7,0
Staff 6 workers
Lengh, width, height, m 38 x 4,5 x 2,2
Compressed air pressure, Bar 6-8
Air consumption, Nl/hour 6000
Available additional units: Auto-loading station for cover and insulation sheets


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