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Klei Adhesive Machinery LLC (KAM) - the production company that has an extended experience in designing and manufacturing of equipment, automation and modernization of any complexity in accordance with Customer request. The company occupies a leading position in the CIS market in the manufacture and development of equipment for production of automotive vans, refrigerated vans, PVC and SIP sandwich panels, doors, equipment for production of laminated veneer lumber and wooden support structures, flat laminated sheets (HPL, PVC, metal, fiberglass, plywood, foam rubber, etc.) using the protective and decorative films, fiber and other materials in rolls.
Company’s production facilities and machine park is placed in the city of Kiev (Ukraine). High stable product quality is ensured by a certified quality management system according the ISO 9001:2008.

Our Team

Klei Adhesive Machinery professional team is ready to develop and produce the equipment according to your requirements at any time!

Alexander Khodakov

Technical Director

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Igor Garasayan

Commercial Director

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Oksana Kovalova

General Director

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Dmitriy Nasypaika

Chief Engeneer

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The company has its own production facilities and machine park.

Klei Adhesive Machinery, LLC
32, Academic Palladin Ave, 437 office
Kiev, Ukraine, 03680

Мобильный: +38 (067) 461-84-05

Мобильный: +38 (096) 292-64-73

Мобильный: +421 919 225 799 (Phone; Viber; WhatsApp)



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