Ukrainian machinerybuildingMechanical engineering is one of Ukraine's most powerful industrial sectors of our country. Industry includes more than 11,000 companies that produce equipment, machine tools and machines of different types and purposes. Share of machinery-building in the Ukrainian industry exceeds 15%, its share in GDP is about 12%. In  Ukrainian machinery concentrated over 15% of the cost of fixed assets, nearly 6% of current assets of the industry and more than 22% of the total employees.

Ukrainian machinery-building covers more than 20 specialized branches, almost all branches of engineering.

Depending of market kind on which oriented products manufactured by enterprises of machine-building complex, their probation can be grouped into five groups:

  • - A group of investment machine-building (heavy machinery), the development of which is determined primarily investment activity metallurgical, construction, energy and transport sectors;
  • - Group of tractor and agricultural machinery, machines for processing agricultural industries and light industry;
  • - Railway engineering, directed on meeting the demand of railway economy of the country;
  • - Automobile industry, production is oriented to the demand of end users (car production), as well as the need for enterprises, firms and executive bodies (the production of trucks and buses);
  • - Electrical technology, instrumentation, machine tools - band high-tech industries, the so-called components, developing after the needs of all other industries, including mechanical engineering itself.

Machine-building complex - leading in the national economy of Ukraine, which has been developing for many years. Ukraine specializes in the production of ships and locomotives, trucks and tractors, steel, coal mine and power equipment, equipment, applicator equipment (Kiev).

Machinery Geography of Ukraine is very diverse: in the east made ​​mills, metallurgical equipment, excavators (Kramatorsk), coal mining equipment and harvesters (Gorlovka), diesel (Lugansk). Automobiles developed in Kremenchug and Zaporozhye.  The main center of metal-intensive and time-consuming engineering - Kharkiv. Vessels built in Nikolayev and Kherson, buses - in Lviv.  Labor-intensive industries (instrumentation, electrical engineering and electronics) are developing in the western regions of Ukraine.

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