Rapid development of polyurethane adhesives and extending sphere of their application allows using polyurethane (PUR) adhesives in massive timber items and gluelam production. PUR adhesives’ processing complexity required special equipment for application of one-component polyurethane adhesive on beam or lamella.

Klei Adhesive Machinery’s glulam production equipment is designed for operation with PUR adhesives and equipped with «start-stop», «smart capture» and feeding system.

The advantages of technology

  • Elastic connection with high strength corresponds to the D4 to DIN EN/204  load group (production test);
  • 100 % solid residual, economical expenditure, 150 g/m2;
  • Able to work at low temperatures, up to +5°С;
  • High temperature resistance of the glue joint (Watt 91);
  • Able to bond the wood with moisture 18% (test protocol FMPA);
  • Adhesive joint that keeps the cutting instrument from damage;
  • One-component adhesive. Qualitatively fabricated ​​mixture eliminates the need to use special equipment for glue component mixing;
  • Glue application equipment do not require frequent maintenance service;
  • No need to stop production for glue application system cleaning, so → increasing productivity;
  • Absence of formaldehyde emission;
  • Eliminates the need to use additional aspiration systems;
  • No additional outlays for wastewater treatment;
  • Special product for supporting wooden constructions bonding according to DIN 1052, that corresponds to international FMPA certificates;
  • Light adhesive joint, that may be used in visible areas;
  • Foaming.  Workpiece defects filling effect;
  • Contains no water, therefore no strain due to swelling and shrinkage of wood;
  • Unlimited viability;
  • Hardening by reaction with moisture;
  • Using Finger Joint technology the strength of the joint increase more than 30%, instead of PVA, melamine and phenolic resins (Testing protocol of FMPA Otto-Graf-Institute, University of Stuttgart);
  • Open time from 4 to 90 minutes;
  • Аny mechanic operation possible after first time delay (24 hours), after bonding.

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