Prefab SIP house SIP (structural insulated panel) panel is a sandwich panel inside which is polystyrene foam (Styrofoam, expanded polystyrene) firmly glued with two sheets of the OSB. (for example EGGER, Germany with waterproof impregnation.

For SIP production the best adhesive is single component polyurethane glue, which must be applied via glue application equipment, observing the necessary consumption. According to its characteristics of strength, resistance to the moisture and the possibilities of outdoor use, SIP are far more superior than plywood or chipboard. Also noteworthy is the stability of the panels to moisture, fire, and low temperatures.

OSB thickness usually is 10-12 millimeters. The manufacture of such OSB sheets occurs through the compression of wood chips, whereby it is becomes flat and firm. A three layers chip stacking in the perpendicular directions makes the panel resistant to the transverse and longitudinal loads, as well as to the bends. This structural material is easily sawn, has a low weight, besides there are no such defects inherent in natural wood, as knots or irregularities.


SIP panel should be made at the factory, with specialized equipment for SIP panel production, fully adhering to all technological requirements. This ensures high structural strength, panels’ connection elements can be done in several ways. Most often is used in the construction of the frame made of a special, sliced wooden beam. Beams and wood boards that are used in the houses assembly must be necessarily dry, with humidity of 12-14%. Material for their production is coniferous wood, usually pine.

Connection beam for sandwich panels is additionally glued additionally along the entire length with several boards-lamellas. Glued beam does not crack and deforms over times, so that the walls of your future home will always be even. Connections play the role of traditional beams and trusses, thereby the reliability of the finished construction increasing. The combination of the SIP panels and a special wooden frame gives the building 5-7 times greater strength than standard frame houses.

As has been shown, the construction of the SIP panel can bear falling trees, hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes. In house kit production the manufacturers use special impregnators with fire retardants and antiseptics. The process of preparing of the beam is introduce the putting the beam into the special container with liquid impregnation. This method gives a long-term protection of the wood.

Nevertheless, the panels can be mounted by frameless technology. If we talk about frameless technology of building, in this case as fastening elements are used elements of panels or OSB strips just only thinner. It must be said that this method was not widespread, as most future home owners prefer to see the building in its traditional frame of solid wood which has established itself as a durable and environmentally friendly material. Such a method of connecting panels is used only in some partitions and wall panels building (in agreement with designer).

You can start finishing works inside the house shortly after its assembly, because the panels do not shrink at all, and consequently possible distortions and cracks are eliminated.

Basic materials kit

Main SIP panels bearing walls construction – SIP panel with 160-164mm thickness, that are made at the SIP production factory with specialized equipment kit. The SIPs are connected through a dry planed timber with humidity not more than 12-14%.

Intermediate floors are offered in two ways – reinforced i-beams with 240-300 mm height covered with 22mm OSB sheets or 202 mm thick SIP ecopanels.

Roof is the last and one of the most basic elements of the house. After detailed examination of the main frame of the house, engineers making the decision about the best roof structure. There is available the two types of systems – insulated rafter system or warm SIP panel one (160-200mm thick)

An additional set of materials

Interior partitions, as agreed with customer and designer are available in three versions – frame, plasterboard or SIP panel (120mm thick).

It is very important that you can start finishing works inside the SIP house as soon as assembling is finished. At the same time the sphere of SIP panels use is much wider. SIP panels can be used for thermal insulation of brick and aerated concrete houses, construction of internal partitions and covering the metal frames. Polystyrene ability to retain heat and keep out the sounds makes SIP panel excellent insulating material.

The undoubted advantage of the SIP house that built by the Canadian technology also is a light weight therefore you do not need to build an expensive foundation like the brick buildings need. For SIP building construction you can use the following foundations:

  • Helical foundation;
  • Strip concrete foundation;
  • Slab foundation;

Appropriate type of foundation is determined only after examining the design of the future house, binding it to the location, and after finishing of the geological monitoring.

Every geological plot has its own geology. Any building on the land must begin from geology – mechanical and chemical testing of the soils and water, which allow to calculate and choose the type of foundation for future home.

Our experts understand that the cost of the house not just limited to its construction. With serious costs owners are facing during living in the house, because the heating of the rooms in winter requires lots of money. Houses, constructed by SIP turnkey technology solutions completely solve the problem, because thanks to their fast heating and slow cooling the heat that you need to keep your home warm requires several times smaller than for the structures of brick or concrete.

American research center showed that the standard SIP panel is 1.5-2 times better retains heat in comparison framing wall, insulated with mineral wool or glass wool. Canadian house constructed from SIP panels by correct technology with use of equipment for SIP production is a high-tech low energy house.

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