kithen sponge

Production of kitchen sponges is a complex process in which special equipment in the presence of a specific manufacturing technology.

The main function of a kitchen sponge is to retain the detergent for a long time. Thus, there is an economy and a metered flow dishwashing detergent.

To date, the production of sponges used the most modern material with a higher degree of durability. The species of sponges is divided into categories: for cleaning glassware, metal sponge to remove burnt food, Teflon coatings, furniture, tiles, stoves and more.

Production of kitchen sponge is a gradual, technologically thoughtful process. The main component is small or large pore foam with the addition of abrasive fibers desired thickness. Foam rubber in contact with a cleaning agent allocates rich foam and fiber abrasive purges.

Specifics of kitchen sponges

On a special machine installed roll the finished fiber, which is charged to the special unwinders. The machine is equipped with a braking system for a uniform tension of the sheet.

During operation, the surface of the fiber is applied to one-component polyurethane hot melt adhesive, the fibers perpendicular to the motion. In such a sheet is rolled into a zone where an elastic polyurethane foam is applied. As such, the operator provides a ready "sandwich" in a roller press. After rolling, the operator cuts off part of the fiber splice bars in place foam.

After leaving the roller press line glued sheets of foam and fibers stacked in an additional pneumatic press. Then a stack is formed and the final stage of the polymerization process is a glue joint, which extends, on average, for 24 hours.

Quality kitchen sponge depends on the choice of adhesive agent, it is important that it does not lose its properties and strength by moisture and temperature, as well as the choice of equipment. Klei Adhesive Machinery Company produces professional equipment for the manufacture of kitchen sponges, sponges, textile lamination. Line KAM FL-1002 is equipped with advanced electronics, which controls the entire work process: temperature, the amount of adhesive mass, material supply.

If you are thinking hard to organize own production of kitchen sponges, contact us and our specialists will answer all your questions!

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